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I've been using the @redstaffbeauty laser removal device for nearly 3 months now (probably even longer) on small areas of my body and noticed such a big reduction in my hair growth. It's not that painful , just feels like a like a rubber band snap and it's a little warm on the skin, definitely bearable! I used every two weeks at the beginning and now I just touch up every 4 weeks :) I definitely think it's something to invest in for a home laser device. 

Rianne @riannemua 'Instagram'

Admittedly, the first time I was a little worried that it would hurt. The only thing I felt was a slight warm tingle. I've heard that people will paler hair/skin see results sooner. I am a dark haired gal, but I can say that my hair follicles do not look as dark/pronounced after 2 treatments. Really looking forward to continued use and permanent results! Here's to hoping my days of waxing/ shaving are hopefully gone!⁣

Thank you @redstaffbeauty for this great device!

Vanessa @vanessa.andrea.beauty 'Instagram'

It arrived at my doorstep really fast and its really simple to use. I noticed it works best on small areas like my armpits and face and it takes a while for the legs but i have no real complaints. Extremely satisfied with this device!

Amina K. @aminak12

This device is magic! I'm 2 months in and the difference is just incredible. yes, it is a commitment to shave and zap every week and it felt tedious but now that my skin feels amazing and looks amazing. i would happily do it again.

Indiya T.

What a fab find ! Comes in a beautiful white box, performs great! It’s been 4 months of using it every 2 weeks and for me, I already hardly use it because I get such little hair growth. I was using it only on my armpits and now I feel confident using it everywhere. You simply can’t beat it for value.

Asma C.