At-Home Laser Hair Removal Treatment Versus the Alternatives


Oh, the choices! Let’s be honest - when it comes to the removal of unwanted body hair, there so many options that it can almost be overwhelming. Some are non-permanent solutions, meaning that the hair grows back fairly quickly, necessitating its continuous removal. These methods must be done over and over again, and while simple to do at home, they have a number of associated pros and cons. There are also a few options when it comes to permanent hair removal methods, like IPL laser treatments, where the hair is eliminated for good, or at least for an extended period of time.

But before you “pick your poison,” you should determine which method works best for you. And how can you do this? Let’s first take a look at the benefits of these methods to see which offers the most advantages for your unique hair removal and skincare needs.

Non-Permanent Hair Removal Methods

There are several non-permanent hair removal methods that most of us are at least familiar with. So, let’s hit the “Top 3:”


This is one of the most common hair removal methods around. There are many different types of razors on the market, from electric to manual, and numerous shaving creams and post-shave lotions to go along with them. Although shaving is easy, it can be time-consuming, especially when you have a large area to cover, like the legs. Plus, the chances of cutting yourself, getting an ingrown hair, or irritating your skin increases with shaving frequency. But again, this option is the most popular (and convenient) method out there.


The thought of applying wax to the body, following it with a piece of special fabric, and then pulling it off, yanking the hairs with it, sounds painful to many– and it can be! The best thing about this option is that the results typically last longer than shaving, and you won’t have to worry about cuts or razor burn. So, if you can endure the initial pain (and sometimes swelling), this may be a great option for you.


Threading involves the use of thread (hence its name) that’s wound around hairs at the root. Once everything is tight, the thread is pulled outwards, taking the hairs with it. This type of hair removal is usually done on smaller areas of the body, like the eyebrows, as doing it on larger areas (like the legs) would take forever.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

There are two common types of permanent hair removal methods, IPL hair removal and laser hair removal. One can be done at home, while the other needs to be done by a professional in a spa or medical setting. So, what’s the difference?  


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal must be done in a clinical or medical setting by a professional. A technician uses a special device to zap each individual hair at the root, killing the follicle, before removing the hair. As you can imagine, this is time-consuming, as multiple sessions must be booked in order to treat larger sections of the body, like the legs and arms. Plus, there are a few laser hair removal side effects, like swelling, redness, initial discomfort (as you increase in frequency), and possible burns to deal with following your treatments.

IPL Hair Removal

Unlike any other permanent hair removal solution, IPL is a type of permanent hair removal that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The reason why you can use an IPL laser at home is because it actually isn’t a laser at all. Instead, the device uses pulses of light to penetrate the skin and kill the hair follicles. And while you may need to use the device several times over the course of a few weeks to get you’re the results you want, the results are permanent and your smooth, beautiful skin is yours to pamper for many more years to come!

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