Five Must-Know IPL Facts

How much do you really know about IPL laser treatments? From the meaning behind the initials (which stand for Intense Pulsed Light, for the record) to how the device works, to where you can use it, and more, there are plenty of delightful little details that you need to know about IPL before diving into a treatment. So, let’s explore the exciting world of permanent hair removal methods, shall we?

Here are the “Top 5” facts that every IPL user should know:

1) Get Comfortable: You Can Use the Device at Home

If you want to permanently remove pesky hairs from your arms, legs, underarms, and more, without having to go to a spa (or settle for annoying, non-permanent solutions like waxing and shaving), then IPL is for you. Using an IPL laser at home is easy because it actually isn’t a laser at all. In fact, it’s actually a handheld device that uses a type of light designed to penetrate the skin and destroy hairs at their roots. It’s safe, effective, and yields amazing results – a total triple threat!

2) Be Patient: It May Take Several Treatments Before Seeing Any Effects

Like standard, spa-mandated laser hair removal treatments that require several sessions before you’re hair-free, IPL takes a bit of time to work. In general, you should use the handheld device at least once a week for eight weeks (shaving beforehand) before you achieve your desired results. Of course, this time frame may differ, based on the color, tone, and thickness of your hair and skin. Simply follow the instructions, and you’ll have less unwanted body hair and smoother skin in weeks!

3) Get Excited: Laser Hair Removal Has Few Side Effects

If you’re worried about laser hair removal side effects, then you need to seriously consider IPL treatments. While the treatments offered by spas are conducted by trained technicians and include some painful “zappings” as the lasers kill the hair follicles, IPL is less abrasive and has very few side effects. In fact, most of those side effects are actually positive since the light also clears up broken capillaries and other skin issues. You can’t argue with amazing results!

4) Get Motivated: It’s a Form of Permanent Hair Removal

Although you do have to undergo several treatments before seeing lasting results, IPL is indeed a form of permanent hair removal. So, once you’ve used your handheld device for the prescribed introductory period, your legs (and other body parts) will be – and stay – incredibly smooth. While you may need to go back and use every few months, just in case any pesky hairs weren’t removed the first time, in the end, those hairs will be gone… for good!

5) Get Proactive: IPL Will Save You Time

Time is precious! So, honestly, how much time do you spend waxing and shaving? What about using depilatory creams? Do you spend hours waiting for them to work? Even though you’ll use the IPL laser treatment device once a week at first, in the end, you’ll definitely save time (and money), since you won’t have to wax or shave off your unwanted body hair several times a week (or even daily) ever again! This benefit alone makes it worth it, but, when you consider that the treatment also improves your skin complexion, leaving you with smooth, “skintimately” beautiful results, it becomes even more enticing!

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